Recently, GC Plastic mold company, a leading China mold company, offer the best quality and service for custom molds and moled plastic products, has announced that it will be donating a sum of one million RMB to help the sufferers of Dingxi Earthquake.

The earthquake in Dingxi, which struck on July 22, 2013, occurred at 7.45 am according to China Standard Time. China Earthquake Data Center recorded an initial magnitude of 6.6 and a focal depth of 20 km. The seismic waves occurred 14 kilometers from the Lintan-Dangchang fault line and the earthquake tremors were also felt in other cities including Tianshui and Lanzhou in Gansu, Xi’an, Baoji, and Xianyang in Shaanxi Province. After the initial wave had struck, the second one occurred just an hour later. Its magnitude as recorded by the USGS was 5.6. By 6 p.m. According to the China Standard Time, a total of 422 aftershocks was already recorded.

This disastrous earthquake hit the Min County most badly which is situated 15 km from the epicenter. The total deaths recorded were 89. Above 500 people got injured while 60 got seriously injured. 5 people are still missing as according to the latest reports.

The area has a long history of 25 earthquakes with magnitudes above five. The Dingxi earthquake has left the area in calamity and the people in helpless despair. As a responsible organization, Wuxi Glory Plastics has extended its help for the victims of this catastrophic earthquake by donating one million RMB. This huge amount will really make a difference for hundreds of people who are left unsheltered by this terrible natural disaster. It is hoped that other responsible companies will also move forward to follow the footsteps of Wuxi Glory in order to help the sufferers.

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