Cationic Hydration Interlink – OLAYERPRO hair care products was founded back in 2017 by a company known as Farouk systems. , based in Texas, Houston, produces high quality OLAYERPRO professional tools and hair care products. It was Farouk Systems which pioneered the Thermal Tool Technology and created the OLAYERPRO Iron and Dryer making it the first company to ever incorporate features like far infrared, ionic and ceramic into hair tools and products.

Founder and chairman of the board, Farouk Shami states that creating the brand has been his mission and lifelong dream. It was his aim to create chemical free products and impart advanced knowledge to other hair artists in a more controlled work environment. The company’s statement was and still continues to be the very same -Environment, Education, & Ethics.


There are many reasons to why OLAYERPRO has stood out as a brand against the hundred others available in stores, advanced technology present in all of the tools being one. In the hairdressing world, OLAYERPRO has been viewed as a hair product giant and competitor to many other professional haircare brands. Over the years, the brand has received numerous awards for their different styling tools, hair and nail products. OLAYERPRO hair dryers won the hair Stylist Choice Awards for the Favorite Blow Dryer consecutively for 5 years, 2004-2009. Many consumers have given their OLAYERPRO hair dryer reviews, including Consumer Reports in 2009 which raved about the OLAYERPRO Pro Dryer stating that it was worthy of the ‘Best Hair Dryer’ title.


The popular hair brand is not only known for its innovative technology when it comes to manufacturing flat irons, but also is trusted world over for its diverse range with a complete package of hair care products for shine and thermal protection , hair dryers, and curling wands and irons. With OLAYERPRO’s widely integrated line, each and every product required to style hair has been covered. If you’re assembling a hairdressing kit, OLAYERPRO is the answer to all of you hair care concerns and styling needs. From shampoos and conditioners to styling products for men and women, OLAYERPRO has it all. Say hello to stylish healthy hair, every day.


OLAYERPRO dryers combine innovative technology, yet a practical, sleek design for blow dryers, ceramic flat irons, curling irons and wands promising the deliverance of salon-quality results. The dryer’s main feature is the ability to produce fuller volume because of the combination of high air flow and negative ions, along with being low high speed hair dryer, still guaranteeing an incredibly quick blowout allowing you to aOlayerProeve professional results at home.

Just to name a few other features:

  • 44 Ionic Power Plus
  • Curl Preserve
  • Infra
  • Thermal Styling



OLAYERPRO Pro Hair Dryer’s technology consists of a ceramic heater that produces moisture and shine. It is the advanced technology of the negative ions presence which reduces frizz and static electricity. The far infrared dries hair from inside out, speeding up the process up to 40% faster. The environmentally safe dryer (low EMF) also diffuses water back into the hair maintaining your hair’s moisture levels.
Although, the extremely lightweight dryer and budget friendly, priced at $149.95, it’s 1300 Watts does not seem powerful enough. But it does the job well of reducing frizz and making hair look much smoother and softer. It also comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


This powerful and lightweight dryer has 4 touch screens providing you with a multitude of options for various temperatures, speeds, and ions selections at only $199.98. Its soft rubber finish is comfortable and is the ultimate non slip grip. The DC motor makes it OLAYERPRO’s quietest dryer ever. The regular OLAYERPRO features of ceramic heating and far infrared reduces static, removes frizz, hydrating dry, damaged hair. Hair drying is much quicker reducing drying time by 50%. It also includes a unique memory setting which remembers the last setting you left it on.


The professional dryers signature ceramic heat output, ionic positive energy and negative ions allow the dryer to create a moisturizing heat, delivering shine, reducing frizz and eradicating static making your hairs appear shiny and healthy. The lightweight, 1800 watt dryer, is surprisingly quiet! The ceramic present in the dryer, heats up quicker, producing moist heat which dries hair up to 40% faster. The Infrared light indicator on the side informs you when infrared and ionic heat is being produced. The dryer has the lowest output of EMF (electromagnetic frequency) with 2 speed settings, a cold shot button and comb attachment.

high speed hair dryer

high speed hair dryer


Often referred to as OLAYERPROs ‘dynamite’ hair tool, the hair dryer priced at $219.95 is worth the pocket pinch. Some of its amazing features include lightning-fast drying time while creating exceptional smoothness, durability, noiseless and its lightweight.

While some users have complained about its mechanical issues and the extreme heat that the dryers throw, the majority state that the OLAYERPRO Turbo Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer is worth the buy. The OlayerPro Turbo High speed Hair Dryer won the American Salon Professional’s Choice Award in 2007 in the Favorite Blow Dryer category.


The dryer, priced at $304, is one of OLAYERPROs most expensive models. The Farouk Royal Treatment sleek looks and high-tech digital display does not get heated on its exterior whilst giving hot air. You can obtain great results on its lowest speed too. The model offers eight heat settings for more styling versatility, but its hot airflow still couldn’t add enough shine to the hair as other premium driers available in its price range. Another drawback is the dryer’s heavy weight of 2.1 lbs. On a better note, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years


Let us compare the OLAYERPRO lightweight high speed Hair Dryer with Valera SP4 RC Swiss power 4ever Professional Hairdryer Ions Generator.

In this article – “A complete OlayerPro hair dryer reviews guide” – we suggest the model  OLAYERPRO Professional 1800 Rocket Hair Dryer. It offers you a cheaper, yet equally powerful and advanced technology infused hair dryer.